Sentiment analysis tool
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Utilize our sentiment analysis tool to understand your customers’ feelings towards your products or services. Discover areas that need improvement and deliver personalized services to your target audience.

Sentiment Analysis Tool

Our social sentiment analysis combines NLP and rule-based algorithms to classify comments and reviews from Youtube, Ecommerce marketplaces, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Our social listening and sentiment analysis platform helps you identify and escalate issues at early stages and build a better brand reputation.

customer sentiment analysis

How did BuzzSense aggregate customer reviews for an automobile manufacturer?

A leading automobile manufacturer wanted to understand its customer’s choices over specific aspects of their various car models. We performed a sentiment analysis on Twitter to aggregate the customer emotions and polarity choice for specific features like design, engine, door, style, headlamp, and price from a large volume of tweets. The result of the tweet sentiment analysis graph is given on the right.

Sentiment Analysis Charts

We specialize in performing sentiment analysis on social media, driving new insights for leading 50+ Forbes 2000 companies across a range of industries like Ecommerce, Automobile, Aviation, BFSI, Healthcare, Food, Information services, Advertising, and more.

How can our AI-powered sentiment analysis tool help your business?

product content enrichment

Benchmark against your competitors

Our AI-powered sentiment analysis tool helps monitor competitors, evaluate the brand value in the market, and track top business KPIs. It identifies how people interact with your brand and helps you convert visitors to potential clients.

product content optimization

Customized powerful

Our comprehensive dashboard helps you track important metrics and sentiments about your business at your desired frequency. BuzzSense uses flexible APIs and can be integrated with any BI or other platforms.

product content analytics

Discover meaningful trends and patterns

BuzzSense finds what topics are trending on social media and helps you align your services to the current trends by analyzing their performance for a specific time, geography, and other metrics.

Multi channel product onboarding

Filter inappropriate

Our sentiment analysis tool identifies and blocks inappropriate content like spam comments, abuses, and more using an automatic detection capability and lets you focus on valid user comments.

How can sentiment analysis help your business?

Identify the positive and negative reactions from your customers.

Assign a polarity score to understand the sentiment behind the reviews.

Extract and analyze reviews from any language, geography, or location.

Enhance your customer experience with insights on language, surveys, etc.

Analyze huge volumes of tweets, hashtags, comments, and reviews quickly.

Sentiment Analysis for Business

Customer story

An automobile giant revived its R&D operations, aggregating massive feedback from its customers quickly with our solution. BuzzSense’s sentiment analysis tool analyzed 1 million text, comments, and reviews of multiple languages from various online social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and forums.

Cater the right services using our sentiment analysis tool

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