A hospital chain doubled its review response rate and reduced negative impact by 100% using BuzzSense

Business snapshot

Our client is a highly trusted hospital chain. Following the expansion to multiple states and the opening of new facilities, the client wanted to ensure their patients with the highest level of care by leveraging online reviews. Despite having the happiest customers, their staff spent a lot of time and effort in their review management and surveys. Our client turned to BuzzSense to streamline their review monitoring and reduce negative feedback impacts by aggregating all reviews in one dashboard.

Features used








Custom integrations

Our client had a dedicated process to collect reviews and customer feedback that required a lot of manual work and time.

BuzzSense offered integrations with their patient database to streamline the entire review process through automation.

Response automation

The team faced difficulties managing reviews for different locations, leading to delayed responses to negative reviews.

With an effective real-time automated response system, they now increased the response time for negative reviews by 100%.

Alerts and notification

They were looking for a proactive approach to negative responses and guard their online reputation.

We enabled immediate alerts, which improved ratings and patient visits to hospitals across states.

Review aggregation

Managing their listings was challenging as the hospital chain is prevalent across review listing and rating platforms.

They use BuzzSense to aggregate reviews from various sources in just a click and monitor them effortlessly.

Sentiment reporting

Initially, the client didn’t have any dedicated platform to monitor all reviews and sentiments in one dashboard. They were overwhelmed by accessing multiple sites on a daily basis.

We have enabled advanced AI/ML models to classify reviews based on various sentiments and offer detailed reports to better comprehend patient feedback without juggling multiple listing sites.

BuzzSense survey

The client used spreadsheets to manage survey data, making it more complicated to visualize the actual scenarios. It also baffled the data utilization in improving patient experience and internal processes.

After implementing the BuzzSense survey and a deep insight user interface, the client saw a notable shift in their productivity. They confidently use the survey data to improve their internal processes and marketing efforts.

Speed up your response time with seamless review monitoring

60% of customers trust online reviews. Positive reviews on your hospital can help your brand establish trust and attract prospective patients. However, negative reviews and response delays can hinder your reputation and drive patients away. Taking complete control of your online reviews and extensively analyzing your business aspects is vital. BuzzSense helped the client improve patient satisfaction, attract new patients, and make improvements to show patients they care.

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