An educational institution saw 20% increase in enrollment rate after using BuzzSense to protect their online reputation.

Background and business need

The definition of a successful educational institution goes beyond producing students with top-grades and alumni working in renowned organizations. Several factors like experienced faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, knowledge-focused curriculum, and more are involved in getting the success formula right.

A leading science and technology college in the US, established in 2011, nailed all these factors and had a great start. But, recently, they found that the number of enrollments steadily decreased year-on-year, and they couldn’t understand why. The online branding and marketing strategy was not very impactful. Although they had a website and social pages with all the information required for the students, there was no way to interact and engage with them. Here, BuzzSense came in to help manage their online reputation and regain students' trust.

Their expectation from BuzzSense

Aid in social media management and engagement with the students.

Find out the different aspects that were dissatisfactory.

Improve the college’s online reputation.

Challenges faced by the customer

A decrease in student applications due to limited online presence.

Unable to identify new opportunities to gain popularity because of social media inactivity.

Delayed responses to student queries followed by inaction caused a strain in the student-management relationship.

The solution


BuzzSense aggregated all the reviews of the college across various review websites and social platforms through social listening. We then performed an aspect-based sentiment analysis with these reviews.

Through this feature,

we were able to segregate the reviews as positive, neutral, and negative to understand the students’ emotions quickly.

we further drilled down and deciphered the reviews for different aspects of the institution like the quality of faculty, fees, amenities, etc. With this insight, we accurately zeroed in on the institution's shortcomings that need improvement.

we provided a comprehensive social media management and social listening tool. Now the institution can schedule their posts, get easy approvals from their team, monitor their competitors and industry news, and quickly reply to student queries on social media.


Our automated messaging system and custom keyword alert ensure that all the questions, doubts, and complaints received on all the social pages (of the college) never go unnoticed.

Results and outcomes

The educational institution gradually worked on their pain points, like setting up faculty training workshops and buying state-of-the-art equipment for their research labs. This improved their reputation among the students.

Sharing the latest update on academic and non-academic topics on their social platforms made the college relatable and eventually popular among the student community (existing and potential).

Students warmed up to the administration when they received immediate responses to their queries. This immensely improved their trust in the institution; almost overnight, the administration got a friendly tag from them.

The positive changes seen after collaborating with BuzzSense enabled the enrollment rate to increase by 20% in the following academic year. Also, the college gained popularity among the current batch of students— in a recent survey, around 65% of the students responded that they would recommend the institution to their family and friends looking to pursue higher education.

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