Deliver seamless transportation services with sentiment analysis

Cater to your passengers and vendors based on evolving geopolitical trends, reply to customer comments instantly, receive feedback with personalized surveys, and enable data-driven decisions with online reputation management. Use social listening and sentiment analysis to fix grievances and create a positive impression for your transport and logistics company.

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Transportation Sentiment Analysis

How to improve your company’s online reputation?

Answer your customers’ questions instantly, reply to messages, tags, mentions, and comments on social media, and promote user-generated content across all channels. Automate issue ticketing to provide quick resolution to distressed customers and keep them updated regarding the progress.

How to manage online reputation and outrank competition?

Segregate audience sentiment to immediately address critical logistics, transportation, or shipping issues and reduce the communication gap between your transportation company, vendors, passengers, and end customers. Track your business performance and align the metrics with your digital goals.

business reputation management

Geo-specific insights

Receive insights into geo-locations where your business performs well and places where it needs more promotion to gain better traction.

business reputation management

Social media monitoring

Watch out where and what your customers and competitors talk about your brand and utilize the opportunities to engage with customers.

Visual report generation

Take actions based on sentiment analysis insights from LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and Facebook to deliver the best transportation services.

business reputation management

Centralized messaging

Receive replies and send direct messages to your customers across social handles via a centralized inbox and reduce latency.

business reputation management

Real-time review analysis

Monitor when and why your institution or university is mentioned and seize every opportunity to interact with your potential students.

What can you achieve with a social monitoring tool?

product content enrichment

Brand mention notification

Set alerts for multiple keywords such as your brand name, transport or logistics service type, competitors’ name, and be notified when any of these are mentioned. Monitor the reasons, offer support and take actions that help you maintain a good reputation.

product content optimization

Cross-promote social posts

Establish a clear social presence with social posts for various offers, and discounts and schedule them in advance across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook from a unified dashboard. Grab more attention than usual and increase your bottom line.

product content analytics

Digital performance tracker

Track your brand’s overall digital health, awareness, and perception among your audience and fix targets to improve online reputation. Evaluate your marketing strategies against your competitors and move ahead with solid action plans.

Multi channel product onboarding

Sentiment analysis tracker

Add more value to your customers by understanding the services they like the most, finding areas where they want you to improve, and altering your business plans to increase productivity to boost the chances of scaling your transportation services.

Accelerate customer-centric services with BuzzSense

Permit your teams to access different accounts, modify content and schedule social media posts with custom permissions. Enable smooth workflow management, streamlined digital asset creation, and approval processes. Gain insights into social tractions and optimize your upcoming social posts accordingly.

Unified social management

Collate your social posts, designs, audio files, and videos in a centralized dashboard to enable easy operations without missing the details.

User-generated content distribution

Gather all user-generated content from across the web and allocate dedicated buckets to store each category and ensure timely distribution.

Industry trends analysis

Utilize data crunching ability to forecast upcoming trends, change in transportation demands, and plunge in services to stay prepared for challenges.

Digital assets storage

Organize your digital assets in asset libraries with names and tags, and optimize them to meet standard social media post requirements.

Platform-specific KPI tracker

Set custom Key Performance Indicators for each social platform to align your social analytics with your venture’s financial goals.

Drive positive brand reputation and grow your business with BuzzSense

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