Understand the real estate market demands with social listening

Get insights into customer sentiments and increase in-person site visits and conversions. Respond to social mentions, comments, and tags from a centralized dashboard and take calculated business actions leveraging twitter sentiment analysis using our social listening tool.

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Real Estate Sentiment Analysis

How does sentiment analysis help the real estate business?

Use real estate sentiment analysis to understand how the choices of your buyers, sellers, and investors differ, how they perceive your services, and how likely they will recommend buying properties through your agency. Listen to the voice of your customers to align your marketing actions with financial goals.

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How to use brand monitoring to track competitors?

Use our brand monitoring feature to watch your competitors’ marketing strategies, track their social posts, monitor their responses to customer grievances, and make tactical moves to attract the correct type of real estate buyers. Get alerts for your brand mentions, specific keywords, and comments to increase your chances of audience interaction.

business reputation management

Review tracker

Track and promote positive reviews across channels to increase your occupancy rate and minimize no-vacancy.

business reputation management

Centralized inbox

Interact with your occupants, buyers, or agents via a centralized inbox for all social channels and reduce your response time.

business reputation management

Competitive insights

Use reputation management for realtors to gain insights from across channels and draft plans that aid your business growth.

business reputation management

Business listings

Track all your business listings in a click, increase the high-performing listings and boost your site’s SERP ranking and traffic.

business reputation management

Historical analysis

Analyze historical data to forecast sudden surges in property selling and occupancy rates and optimize your prices for profit.

Strengthen your real estate reputation management strategies

product content enrichment

Custom KPI validation

Customize your key performance indicators and track them across the internet. Find out areas of improvement by evaluating the results of each business action and equip your teams with data to increase returns.

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Report visualization

Enable easy understanding and smooth communication within your teams by visualizing your social performance reports in bar graphs and pie charts. Get your outputs in formats like PowerPoint, PDF, word, Docx.

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Cross-platform promotion

Promote lease, selling, or rental locations across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest simultaneously without having to log in to the handles each time. Provide different levels of access to teams to avoid the hassle.

Multi channel product onboarding

Context analysis

Interpret massive data of emoticons, text, video, and images to manage your online reputation perfectly. Predict potential reputation threats and take actions to prevent minor grievances from becoming irreparable issues.

How to benefit from social media listening?

Watch the digital space for positive and negative comments and get an in-depth analysis of how your real estate company is perceived. Get real-time insights into people’s sentiments, competitors’ actions, and streamline your business processes to save time and increase productivity.

Custom survey forms

Create and send custom survey forms for your agents, brokers, buyers, and owners to develop new business tactics and boost your bottom line.

UGC aggregation

Aggregate and share positive reviews and appreciations throughout your handles to promote brand awareness and attract buyers.

Periodical reports

Get comprehensive digital performance reports for your business on a periodical basis to understand the services that perform well.

Automated ticketing

Automate ticketing systems for complaints such as water supply or pest control issues, and keep your residents posted regularly about the progress.

Geo-targeted services

Target buyers from specific geographical locations during particular seasons to increase your conversion rates based on their preferences.

Increase your market share with our brand monitoring solutions

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