Increase student enrollment with BuzzSense Online reputation management

Get notifications when your institution or your competitor is mentioned across social platforms. Aggregate and distribute content generated by students and faculties for positive brand reputation across digital channels. Stay connected with potential admission seekers and lecturers to boost enrollment.

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Student reputation management

Acquire top faculties and offer the most demanded courses

Measure student sentiment towards your institution with uninterrupted brand monitoring. Segregate positive, negative, and neutral comments on different social channels like Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Provide tuition based on student interests, preferred duration, choice of staff, etc. Evaluate your offerings against the courses offered by other top colleges or universities and attract more scholars.

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How to improve your online reputation?

Increase your educational institution’s presence on every digital platform, interact frequently with potential students, monitor the social performance of your posts, auto-respond to messages, and solve queries regarding admissions, fees, faculties, and courses. Also, analyze what is spoken about your college or university among the faculty, students, and parents to create a positive image.

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Location-based insights

Get insights into your institution’s digital visibility across various geo-locations and improve your location-based targeting quickly.

business reputation management

Real-time review monitoring

Monitor your reviews in real-time across all platforms, promptly address student or parents’ concerns and win against your competition.

business reputation management

Automated response

Automate responses regarding fees, college hours, and other admission-related queries using the automated response system of BuzzSense.

business reputation management

Periodical report generation

Get periodical reports and sentiment analysis of your posts across various social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

business reputation management

Social media listening

Monitor when and why your institution or university is mentioned and seize every opportunity to interact with your potential students.

Bring your institution’s reputation in alignment with your business performance

product content enrichment

Custom alerts

Get in-depth details such as the fees structure, duration, faculties available about your competitor university by setting customized alerts for keywords in multiple combinations. Get a clear view of the search’s source, accounts, time, location, and language, and make your targets specific.

product content optimization

KPI evaluation

Track your web performance based on platform-specific metrics. Align your KPIs with your institution’s social performance and focus on achieving better campus infrastructure, continuous online classes, and syllabus coverage. Get notified of brand mentions across all channels on any online platform.

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Sentiment analysis

Ensure accurate sentiment analysis to understand what students and faculties from your college and other institutions speak of you versus your competitors. Filter through millions of posts to find competitor universities’ high-performing social media posts to match the current demands and talks.

Multi channel product onboarding

Social Publication

Fetch data via APIs to curate and deliver relevant content based on actionable insights. Integrate social media handles to manage publications from a centralized location and schedule your posts to ensure continuous brand presence. Respond to trends based on insights and increase brand value.

Empower your teams with a powerful social dashboard

Assign roles between team members, give custom access, make post-approval easier, and enable smooth social media collaboration. Automate ticketing with BuzzSense and streamline ticket reviews. Delegate admission-related inquiries and messages to sales teams to decrease response time and increase conversions.

Social asset libraries

Store and manage all the images, videos, content, and other assets in separate files to experience the ease of use during media publications.

Structured and efficient workflow

Ensure a streamlined workflow for scheduling, posting, tracking KPIs, analyzing reports, and identifying student journeys from inquiry to enrollment.

User-generated content bucket

Repurpose your user-generated content by saving those in various buckets based on the sentiments and key business aspects.

Market trends visualization

Visualize spikes and plunges in demand for courses you offer and make plans on faculty deployment in advance to meet demands.

Centralized social management

Manage and schedule posts, aggregate UGC, and generate reports from a single dashboard without switching between channels.

Monitor your competitors, measure your KPIs, and create a positive brand reputation.

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