Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that might help you get started.

The what's and how's
  What is BuzzSense?
BuzzSense, the Reputation Management software powered by AI & ML, supports businesses with its aspect-based sentiment analysis precisely by indicating the area of improvement.
  What does a social listening software measure?
Social listening software tracks conversations related to brands, products, and services across the digital space. It delivers insights into what customers think of your brand and how to increase engagement and sales.
  What does a social listening software aggregate?
Social listening software aggregates brand mentions, hashtags, comments, star ratings, reviews, industry trends, etc. It helps you restructure your services, solutions, or products based on customer opinions.
  Why is reputation management crucial for all business sizes?
Every small, medium, or big enterprise, requires reputation management to understand and manage reputation risks. Our software is scalable and can be customized to fit your business needs, unmindful of the size.
  Which industries need reputation management?
All industries need to monitor their reputation to help boost sales. However, for some industries, it is essential, as:
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Real estate
  • Hospitality
  • Auto mobile
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing etc.
What features do we offer?
  Do you offer social media management and analytics?
Yes. BuzzSense offers social media management and analytics that allow you to post across multiple platforms in advance, respond, track the metrics, and gain insights - all from one dashboard.
  What is aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA)?
ABSA interprets texts, segregates information by aspect, and tracks the sentiment behind texts. BuzzSense helps brands by relating specific emotions with different business aspects.
  Where do you get the data?
BuzzSense mines data from websites, forums, news sites, blogs, review sites, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to fetch accurate and relevant data for you.
  How do you notify me if someone mentions my brand?
You can set custom keyword alerts for your business, including brand names and your competitors' names. You will be instantly notified every time your customers mention the designated keywords.
  How does your ticketing functionality work?
BuzzSense lets you create tickets for any queries, complaints, or requirements and link those with your CRM platforms. Your team can track the progress, stay updated, and update your customer via emails.
  Is BuzzSense compatible with all the devices?
You can use BuzzSense on all Mac, Windows, Linux desktops, laptops, Linux, Android, Apple phones, and iPads and tabs. If you face trouble using the software, you can reach us any time.
   Do I need technical skills to use BuzzSense?
Our team has built BuzzSense to be user-friendly. Any person without prior experience can handle BuzzSense with utmost ease. Create an account, and the intuitive ORM platform will guide your moves.
  Do you provide training to use BuzzSense?
Yes. We give online training, webinars, user manuals, demos, and other materials to help experience the software's full potential. Additionally, our support team is available around the clock to our customers.
  How do you provide live updates from all social media platforms?
Our API integration will help you get live updates, including comments, mentions, tags, tweets, trending hashtags, etc. You can also choose not to integrate API if you prefer periodical collective updates.
  How do you secure my password?
We assure utmost security with your details and your passwords. We use the BCrypt algorithm to encrypt passwords with a unique salt. Hence you will be the only person aware of your password.

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